Welcome Back To The Blog!

WOOOHOO! My blog is finally public again!!! Welcome back everyone! 😀

I planned on getting this back online ages ago, buuut…well, life (*cough* mold *cough*) happens and I unexpectedly ended up not having computer usage for almost 2 months…which I must say definitely put a damper on blog updating.

Initially I temporarily took down my blog because I wanted to change its current layout into one that would better mesh with photos and random, artsy things from my life. Since I’m rarely able to see friends and family because of my poor health, I had been realizing more and more that I needed to find a way to keep in touch with people. I didn’t want to fall off the face of the planet during my upcoming years of healing, so I thought incorporating a “keeping in touch with Cassia’s day-to-day life” aspect into my blog would be the best way to do that.

SO I did it. I spent weeks and weeks of hard work until I found the perfect layout and the best way to organize everything that I wanted to include…and then I discovered that it just wasn’t going to work >_<. There was way too much going on in one place and my content just didn’t seem to want to get along, so I thought, “Hmmm…why don’t I add an extension to my blog instead??”

And hence “Cassia Dee’s Scrapbook” was born!
(Link in top menu ^_^)

Almost immediately after that, I lost access to computer usage due to some seemingly never-ending construction in our bedroom because of an entirely new mold problem (*CRIES*). It wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that the construction finally finished, which is why it has taken me forever to bring cassiadee.com back to life.

Which brings me to my second big change…
*drum roll please*
I now officially have my own website!!!

What used to be cassiadee.wordpress.com is now simply cassiadee.com, which, in case you can’t tell, I am SUPER excited about!


Aside from the above changes (and having to re-change my layout and all that jazz), there probably isn’t a lot that seems different around here, and that’s because the other changes were all a bunch of small, seemingly insignificant things that piled up. Basically just a bunch of little tweaks meant to help my blog function more smoothly. No doubt I’ll have a lot more tweaking to do in the future, but I think where I am today is a good place to start 🙂

And that’s that, folks! I’ll write more in the future about the direction my blog will be heading in over the next few years, as well as share some long-overdue health updates, but I’ve written plenty for now. Welcome back to my blog and I’ll see you all later!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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