Week One, CHECK!

Hey guys!!

So it’s been officially a week since I started my 22 week challenge and here are the things I’ve completed so far…

Plant something in my garden

The first thing that I did, right on April 22nd, was get my garden started! We’ve had a pile of soil forming in our backyard from old alfalfa from our goats, rain, sun, and however soil forms from that kind of stuff (it’s been pretty cool to watch happen. God sure put a system in place that doesn’t seem to waste anything in nature…it’s pretty amazing!). And while the soil probably needed another season in the elements to be perfect for gardening, I still wanted to try using it. So Walker and I bought a couple bags of ground-prepping soil to mix in (this was after a month or 2 of LOTS of weed pulling and tilling) and I got to work with a 4×4 gardening bed…


(And yes, I tilled that whole pile of soil behind me all by myself. I’m getting stronger ^_^)

We bought a dying plant on clearance that I had been nursing back to health, so I planted that in the bed as well as lots of different flower seeds. BUT instead of planting the seeds in the way you’re directed to on the seed packets…I tried another less conventional method that I like to think of as a “Kingdom of Heaven” object lesson hehe. I’d been reading the gospels a LOT and was really meditating on all the stuff Jesus taught about the Kingdom of Heaven, and good soil, and how our heavenly Father cares for the sparrows and clothes the flowers of the field with splendor, and I thought it would be fun to see what would happen if I threw “gardening wisdom” to the wind and just tossed seeds all over my garden with nothing but love and a prayer that the good seeds would produce fruit. I figured if nothing grew in a couple weeks, I’d start over and do things properly, but I really wanted to try it this way first.


(Spoiler alert: it doesn’t look like there’ll be any starting over with this flower bed! ^_^)

Repot house plants

I was super nervous to do this, because I had it in my mind that I’d kill them if I tried, but I had three plants that are now 4 because 1 of them outgrew its pot and needed to be separated into two 🙂 So far they have not died! YAY!

Paint rocks

I am not a painter in any way. Paint confounds me, and I don’t understand it. And that is precisely why I’ve added quite a few things involving paint to my 22-week challenge. You see, one of the big parts of this challenge is to: 1) Do things I know I’m bad at, 2) Try things that scare or intimidate me, and 3) Fail at things pretty much all the time so that I’m continually in a place of learning & growing. Painting ticks all those boxes for me haha.

So one of my favorite people in the world came over and we gave ourselves the challenge of painting a camping scene onto a rock…


It took FOREVER haha but we succeeded! And both rocks are now happily located in my garden 🙂


Until next week ❤

Yours Truly, 
~Cassia Dee

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