Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!



Meet Penelope! My 2 month old maltipoo!
I. Am. In. Love.
*10,000 heart eyes*


The Story:
Walker and I have been saving up for a tiny therapy doggie for a couple of years, and since Walker is allergic to dogs, only hypoallergenic dogs were an option. But hypoallergenic dogs are a LOT more expensive than other dogs, so for a long time there it felt like we’d never be able to afford one. When we finally had enough saved up to start looking for a toy poodle (toy is the size between teacup and miniature), plot twist, I ended up hospitalized which wiped out all those savings and then some. It was looking like it’d be around a year before medical bills were paid off and puppy savings could start up again, so I quietly gave up my dream of getting a dog, thanking God lots and lots that we still had our goats (and one of them basically thinks she’s a dog anyways, so it was the next best thing).

Well, plot twist again!!!

It turns out that the whole time I thought my doggie dreams were over, my sister Charis had a GoFundMe set up…completely unbeknownst to me. She set it up in March sometime after my hospitalization, and many incredibly wonderful people were giving towards it. When my family gave me the money at church I definitely cried. It was honestly surreal for me because I had just come to total acceptance that I wasn’t going to get my therapy pet after all. It took a while to sink in, and by the time it did…I already had a puppy!!


Which was the third plot twist!

See, I planned on doing loads of doggie research and preparation before getting a puppy, because I heard that puppies are like babies in the responsibility department and I have a huge thing about being responsible. But God basically dropped this girl into my lap 2 days ago, and as soon as I saw her TINY, adorable little face and held all one-and-a-half pounds of her in my arms…it was all over.

And now for the most important part of this post…

I want to thank the incredible, loving, and caring people who made this fluff-cloud of cuddles, love, and joy possible. Thank you Charis, Annelise, Leah, Felicia, Alatheia, Dakota, Hayley, Mandy, Edgar, Cindy, Kison, Roy, Tilly, Kara, Sheryl, Janna, Kayra, Sierra, Julianna, Marika, the anonymous givers that I don’t have the privilege of personally thanking by name, and my nightshift doggy-duty hero WALKER who is the only reason I could ever have a puppy at my current state of health. Some of you I know super well, some of you very little, and some of you I do not know at all…thank you.

Thank you for my little miracle puppy. My heart is so full and I am so happy. I smile all day long and I love my little Penelope SO much. Because of each of you I have a puppy and enough money left over to pay for a couple hours of therapy-dog training when she gets a little older. I don’t know how to express my gratitude fully enough and am still so overwhelmed by your love.

May God bless you all as much as you have blessed me…I will never, ever forget this for the rest of my life ❤

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

P.S. Even with a good night’s rest, I’m still EXHAUSTED with all this puppy potty training haha…so don’t expect me back on the blog for at least a couple of weeks 😉 *hugs*

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  1. Yay!!!! I’m so happy for you!! You deserve it so much you Angel! Love love LOVE YOU! ❤❤❤ Prayers for successful training ! 😃


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