I Went Camping!!!

I went camping this past weekend and this is a huge deal! Not only was it one of the things on my 22-Week-Challenge list, but I’ve never been well enough to go on one of the family trips with my dad and siblings until now so it was an extra blessing! We camped at a warm lake and played in the water and just chilled and it was SO nice being away from the city and technology. Phones and stuff still worked there every now and then, but I left mine at home because for me camping is all about getting away from technology and resetting to a slower paced way of life…that and getting more exercise, both of which I think I accomplished pretty well.

Poor Walker was feeling sick most of the trip so he didn’t have the best time, but Penelope LOVED camping. She went from a super white puppy to a creamy-browinsh colored puppy by the time we got home and she couldn’t have been happier! She learned to swim (ok, “learned” is a bit extra of a word…she didn’t have to learn, I just put her in the water and she swam like a pro right off the bat), absolutely loved having a dozen different people to shower her with nonstop affection, and slept better at camp than she does at home…something that could probably only be said of a puppy!

Aside from getting away from the city, another favorite thing about camping was being able to see the stars (something else on my 22-Week-Challenge list!). Sometimes I feel like it’s an injustice to our Creator that one of his most brilliant creations goes virtually unseen by the majority of us first-world dwellers, because geewilikers they were INCREDIBLE! On the last night of camp, Walker and I set up a reclining chair under the stars and looked for constellations and shooting stars. I saw 6 shooting stars I think, and we found pretty much all of the constellations that we know of, but learned that we are painfully ignorant of pretty much anything other than the big and little dippers and Cassiopeia…something I plan to change before I go camping next!

Now that I’m home and getting back into everyday life, I want to hold onto the whole less-technology thing on my own time more often. So I decided I want to start reading and writing and want to be a better steward of my body by intentionally living in a state of rest better…something I’ve been trying to do, but until going camping didn’t really know how to start. I’m excited to intentionally better learn to cultivate more rest and a slower pace into my life, and to do more things that require zero technology and zero schedules. Since I have come home that has looked like more journalling and more time outdoors with my goats and my plants. It also has meant getting dirtier and bombarded by ants because I didn’t realize until too late that I was standing in ant central, annnd apparently I didn’t get them all off of me before I came indoors because one just bit me, haha. I guess that means it’s time to sign off for the day. See you next week!

Yours Truly, ~Cassia Dee

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