21 Weeks And Counting!

My 22-week-challenge is almost over, can you believe it?? It totally doesn’t seem like it’s almost been 21 weeks, but I guess that’s what happens when you get a puppy…time blurs together and life becomes focused on, well, a new little life.

Technically I have a little bit more than a week left until I finish the challenge, but the 22nd week also happens to end the day that Walker’s vacation week begins…so I decided to extend the challenge out to include that week as well because, well, I can ^_^

But what have I been up to since my last real 22-week-challenge update?? Here are some of my favorite things!

Get A Puppy

I already wrote about getting our precious little puppy, but what I didn’t say in that post is that getting a puppy was the thing on my 22-week-challenge list that I wanted more than everything else combined! If getting Penelope was the only thing I accomplished throughout the whole challenge, it would’ve been more than enough for me, so she is the hugest praise and SUCH a gift.

She has SO much energy which keeps me busy and on my toes, but she’s also a pro at chilling when she’s gotten out all her energy.


Play hard, nap hard seems to be her philosophy about life. Hehe.

Make Tea From My Garden

I planted peppermint specifically so I could make tea at some point, and while I got the ratios wrong for the amount of fresh leaves per glass of water, it was still super lovely. It was like…so much more crisp than the dry stuff. It was super lovely!

Dye Old Clothes

Turmeric + vinegar is MAGIC. I’ve dyed 1 dress, 1 skirt, and 1 shirt with turmeric so far and it’s my favorite natural dye ever. It’s also the only natural dye I’ve ever tried, but, I mean, it’s yellow, so clearly that makes it the best 😉

Go On Vacation With The Family + Go Camping + Go Stargazing

This was a three-in-one accomplishment that I already blogged about. But what I didn’t say was how stinkin’ cute Penelope was while waiting to go camping.



Change Name On My ID Finally

Haha I finally did it! After literally 4 years of marriage, I finally changed my drivers license. It took almost 2 years before I changed my name legally with social security (because of health insurance ease purposes), and after that life was always just so crazy that taking time out to wait at the DMV for hours just didn’t feel necessary to either of us. But it’s finally done now and it feels good!

Do Something I’m Afraid Of

One of my deepest rooted fears has always been to go kayaking. One of my best friends died unexpectedly when I was 15 because he was trying to save someone who fell out of a kayak, and I’ve never been able to see water the same ever since. I also never, ever, ever wanted to ride in a kayak. I knew it was psychological, but trauma sucks and until now I wasn’t ready to overcome this particular one. But last week, when I went camping with my family, I rode in a kayak for my first time. It was a special, almost sacred-feeling moment, and I ended up having a lot of fun.

Do Something I Know I’m Bad At

Somewhere over the years I became a notoriously disappointing baker. I was always primarily a cook, not a baker, but I used to be good enough at baking. Until one day. One day I just started failing every time I tried to bake, and for years, try as I might I couldn’t seem to shake it…until the 22-Week-Challenge that encouraged me to try and try and try until I finally succeeded! YAY!

 Own A Goat Of My Very Own

My brothers have had goats living on my mother-in-law’s property for a few years, but when my older brother got deployed oversees at the beginning of the year they decided it was time to get rid of them.

The thought of not having any more goats BROKE my heart, so I asked Walker if we could adopt some of them and he said YES! We ended up adopting and fostering (until my brother’s could sell them) three goats…two mommas and one little boy. Both of the mommas happened to be pregnant when we got them so now we have NINE goats…but that crazy story is for next week!

Until then,

Yours Truly, 
~Cassia Dee

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