A Hard Month & Setting Challenges

Not gonna’ lie, guys…I’m bummed my 22-Week-Challenge is over!

I’m glad it’s not over on the blog (I still have a few posts I want to write!), because that means it gets to at least feel like it’s lasting a little bit longer, but yes, 22 weeks have officially passed and my challenge has reached its end. It sure has been fun!

I didn’t get as much done during the last 4 weeks of the challenge because it was a rough month for me healthwise. While I’m definitely getting stronger overall every day, I still definitely have my hard days…or in this case, hard months. I had flare ups, got pretty sick accidentally swallowing a bucket of lake water when I went camping which was super fun (woops), got infections, and etc., so most of this month was spent resting. Which is what my body needed (and still does) so I’m not annoyed about it or anything. I’m just thankful that I’m able to rest as much as I need to.

One thing I learned (or should I say “re-learned”) over the last 22 weeks is that I LOVE setting challenges for myself! As a teenager and young adult I always had such a good time using challenges and experiments as a kind of goal-marker and I totally forgot about that over the last couple years. But it is forgotten no longer, so expect many more challenges or experiments in the future! I suspect I might even have one or the other going on at all times, although whether I will blog about each one or not will be decided at a future time 😉

Okay, that’s all for today. Time to do some tidying and then more resting, with of course lots of Penelope cuddles mixed in!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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