What I Learned During My 22-Week-Challenge

As I finish writing everything out that I did over the last few months (see the full list here!), I realize there are so many more “favorite things” I wish I wrote about but didn’t have the chance to. I think that just shows how much of a success and joy this 22-Week-Challenge has been for me. If pretty much everything I had the privilege of doing became “one of my favorite parts about this challenge” then not a single moment was wasted on this wonderful journey.

I’ve learned so much over the last 6 months. I could probably write about the depth of what I’ve learned for a year. Perhaps even longer. To anyone else, the specifics of what I’ve been learning could probably be seen as just “whatever.” Some might roll their eyes at how I consider something that looks so basic or unimportant to be such a big deal. But the thing is, I’ve rediscovered throughout the journey of this challenge something that I always used to know but lost amidst life shattering pain: That every moment is beautiful if you know where to look. That every good thing is a tremendous gift. And that God loves me…just the way that I am. With all my traumas and illnesses and broken pieces, whether physical, emotional or anything else.

I’m broken, but I’m beautiful to God. I’m broken, but we all are in our own ways. Some brokenness is just a whole lot more relatable and understandable to people than the brokenness that I’ve had to live through…that’s all it is, really.

I’m broken, but I’m not ruined. Broken, but not destroyed. Broken, and yet still enough. Not enough to live the kind of life people tell me I “should” live. Not enough to please the expectations of those who don’t understand my illnesses, grief, trauma, or pain. Not enough to please the world or people in general. But I’m enough to my Heavenly Father. I’m enough to the people who truly know and love me. And I’m enough according to Jesus. Even now.

So I’m broken, but I’m also healing. With every “little” moment of big grace that God sprinkles into my life, I’ve been learning to heal more and more. Life has once again become “LIFE” not “Survival,” and once again I’ve been finding the voice that had been lost for so long.

Thank you again for joining me on this journey…I love you all ❤

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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