3 Days Without Electricity

For the last 68 hours we haven’t had any electricity over here. 4 hours more and it would’ve been 3 full days without any power whatsoever...it’s been weird.

The worst part was probably the smoke and the fires. It gave Walker and I really icky flash-backs to a couple years ago when we got stuck in those horrendous fire storms that caused me to get sicker than ever before. And it didn’t help that we also just saw our neighbor’s house burn down. *shudders* Not the best memories to feel like you’re reliving.

I was really brave at first. I tried so hard to be brave. But 2 days in I wasn’t able to breath super good because of the smoke, and it just felt like the worst kind of deja-vu. We couldn’t cook anything, so I wasn’t able to eat as much as I needed to in order to keep my weight up, and that was stressful. I was fighting thoughts and feelings of major discouragement and just post-traumatic-events fear. I read the Bible a lot and prayed a lot, but finally I just had to let myself cry. Then I was able to be brave again.

And it looks like I’ll have to be brave for yet a while longer because they’re turning the power back off again tonight. We’ve been washing laundry, washing dishes (our bathroom is the only place we can run water without electricity because of a pump-system that our studio runs off of), drinking HOT cups of tea (!), and getting ready to go back into the dark. I’m hopeful it’ll be a little bit less stressful this time around, now that we know it’s coming and what to expect.

Okay, time to do some cooking and baking before we’re back to nothing but candlelight! Please pray that I don’t lose too much weight, and please also pray that everyone experiencing the stress from this blackout will be provided for and be filled with so much peace ❤

Until I have power again,

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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