This Week I…

Saved Another Goat’s Life

Remember our goat, little Lavender? Well the other day her cousin, Pepper, needed saving as well and thank God I happened to find her in the nick of time!

It was a very regular morning of doing some cleaning around the house, when out of nowhere I felt like I should drop everything I was doing and take care of the goats for the day. Instead of grabbing their food first like I usually did, for some reason I went down to the farm area right away. I didn’t have a reason for doing so, nor did I think anything of it, I just did it…and as I did so, I noticed a slight, barely-there awareness in the back of my consciousness somewhere. A tiny feeling that, for whatever reason, this change of routine was what I was supposed to do that day.

Well, when I got down there the momma goat started going crazy! At first I chuckled because I thought she was just being a typical stinker, trying to bug me into giving them their favorite grain treat early (she is a pro at that), but when I got closer I realized that another goat, little Pepper, had started screaming as soon as she saw me as well.

As I got closer I saw that she had this thick, tough cord wrapped around her neck, choking her! It was the cord that had been used to tie the weather-protecting tarp over their stable area, and somehow she managed to get it around her neck in such a way that the more she pulled, the more tightly it choked her. The poor thing was FREAKING out. I tried to get the rope over her head, but it was so tight that I couldn’t even fit my fingers between it and Pepper’s neck.

I ran up to the house, found a pair of scissors, and ran back down. Pepper thrashed and thrashed, so I had to scoop her into my arms and firmly pin her against me while I worked at the rope. I couldn’t get the rope cut through at first because the scissors were pretty dull, and I was home alone so there was no one around to help or to look for another pair. I was so scared! So I prayed and prayed and kept working at it until –finally!– the rope cut through!

After that Pepper stopped thrashing and stayed in my arms, trembling like crazy for a long while. I held her, gave her lots of kisses, and thanked God for getting me down to her in time to save her life ❤

Lost 2 Chickens

I’ve been so thankful to have been able to save lives here on my mini-farm, but I guess sometimes you just can’t save them all because sadly we lost 2 chickens this week. I don’t know if it was to the slew of neighborhood stray cats, or if it was to a raccoon, or what, but it was an awful morning of going down the chicken coop to find 2 chickens missing as well as some gruesome evidence of the struggle…

Thankfully my brother happened to come over that day & was wonderful enough to clean everything up for me, and thankfully three of our chickens are all still alive and well today. One is a miniature chicken (the momma), one is a rooster, and one is fully white with fluffy, feathery feet that are just so stinkin’ cute! I’ll try to get a pictures of them soon!

Finished At Least 3 Books

I love Audible. Walker got me a subscription a few years ago when I stopped being able to read due to horrific migraines, and it has been one of my favorite things ever since! I finally had to cancel it due to the bombardment of all my medical bills coming in from my week-long hospitalization earlier this year *sad face*, but I still had books left over that I hadn’t yet listened to! So this past week I’ve been having a great time listening to books while I clean, while I play with Penelope, while I cook, and etc. It’s been great! ^_^

Hugged My Brother Goodbye

My little brother Kison moved away this week and I’m really sad about it. This is the worst part about everyone growing up…getting separated from each other by long distances. I’m so thankful that he found a place to live and roommates to live with (California rent sure can feel impossible these days), and I’m so excited to see him continue to build his career in a city with so many more possibilities for him than he had here. But…I’m not so excited for me.

Restocked My Fridge

So, losing power for 3 days meant that everything in our fridge and even freezer had to get thrown away *cries*. SO unfortunate, not to mention costly. For nearly a week we lived with a nearly empty refrigerator, but two days ago we restocked and it feels so nice to open the fridge to see stuff in it! It’s basically lots of produce and is so pretty and colorful and happy!

Somehow Managed To Gain Back A Couple Of The Pounds That I Lost!

Something else that came with the power outage was some weight loss. Partly from not being able to eat as much (or as healthily) as I needed to, and partly from food poisoning from when I tried eating food from my refrigerator that I should’ve thrown away right off the bat. It was discouraging. After finally making so much progress it was hard to feel like it was slipping away from me. So Walker bought me my weakness: Indian food –and lots of it– and told me to go crazy! Yay! So after a week of making eating my full-time job, I’m back to 80lbs!!! Not quite the 82lbs that I was before, but I’m getting closer!

Started Coloring Again

One of my favorite things in the whole wide world is coloring. As I’ve been recovering, I haven’t really made much of an effort to color due to putting my time and strength towards things like puppy training and cooking and getting the house together. But last week, after the stress of the fires and stuff, I started coloring again! I’ve only been able to color a couple minutes here and there, but it sure has been a stress relieving blessing.

So, note to self (and to the world, hehe): Color more!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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