A Temporary Hermit

Hi guys, this is me hiding away from the world because it’s the wonderful flu season >_<

I used to catch one nasty cold or flu after another endlessly during this time of the year…mainly from going to church. So this year I decided to be smart and become a hermit! It payed off really nicely for a while, too…I didn’t get overtaken by any bug until Monday! And I only got sick because Walker got sick from work and then I got it from him. Which means my hermit strategy probably would’ve been completely successful had Walker been allowed to be a total hermit with me! 😉

Catching a bug, especially one as bad as this one has been so far, is no fun whatsoever and I really can’t wait to be better, BUT all things considered, making it till the end of January before I got a nasty bug is major progress and I am very thankful.

I definitely am missing being at church though. Between going on vacation, recovering from going on vacation, and flu season, it has been much too long since I’ve been able to go…so hopefully I’ll be feeling stronger soon!

I was wondering, though, if we could all take a moment to pray for everyone who might be sick right now…especially those with circumstances or immune systems less fortunate than ourselves? The chronically ill, the elderly, babies and children, those without health insurance, and those who are exhausted tend to be especially vulnerable and would probably really appreciate being remembered. And, of course, if anyone reading would like prayers for any reason whatsoever, please know that you can always leave prayer requests in the comments and I would love to pray for you ❤️

Okay that’s all I have strength for today. Take care, everyone!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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