Job’s Poem

my life has been shattered
i lost all that mattered
in the blink of an eye

my wife won’t look at me
and she is still angry
that i won’t just curse God and die

three of my friends are here
but they don’t want to hear
anything i’m trying to say

this is pain, not comfort
and i’m feeling more hurt
than if they had stayed away

they tell me i’m sinning
and God is punishing
me less than i deserve

how is it they don’t see
how much they’re breaking me
with every one of their words?

miserable comforters!
miserable comforters!
they’re being so unfair

they’re not better than me
but they pretend to be
why is it so hard for them to care?

Blogging Through The Bible Challenge: JOB

Job 2:9; Job 11:6; Job 19:2; Job 16:2; Job 12:3


  1. Job’s friends have one lesson that I need to learn. When you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything. Up until they started talking they were being a comfort. Silence is hard to keep.

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    1. Very well said! Thank you for sharing that. Sometimes the greatest comfort is letting a suffering person mourn and be sad, and just being there with them…not trying to explain away or “fix” things.


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