seeing things more clearly.

you said he was the devil
you said you were a saint
you told me he was evil
and you were God’s chosen one

you said he made you hurt me
you were only protecting yourself
and so they said that you
did nothing wrong to us

so why did you only hurt me
when he was not around?
why were you filled with rabid rage
only till he came home?

why did he never ask us
if you had done your job?
why did he never make sure
that we bore your marks?

and why -this is the thing
that bothers me the most-
why did you clearly, as plain as day
enjoy the hurting so much?

if he made you abuse me
that could explain the blows
but it can’t explain the anger
that you could not control

it can’t explain the lies
you tell them about me
it can’t explain getting disowned
when i told you i was dying

and every time i’m slandered
it always makes me think:
what if your words about him
are as untrue as your words about me?

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