Birthday Month Bingo!

It is officially June, which means it’s my birthday month! I normally don’t do anything to celebrate the month of my birthday, but seeing that this whole quarantine thing is probably going to stop me from doing what I originally planned to do for my birthday this year, I figured why not celebrate this coming year with my very own Birthday Month Bingo, instead??

Here it is!

To win, I have to complete 5 of the 25 available task boxes, all in a row. I tried to vary the tasks in level of difficulty…some of the things I can theoretically accomplish easily (finding a face-up penny), some I can choose to make as simple or creative as I want (making something yellow), some are simple enough but will just take practice, lots of time, or dedication (finish 5 coloring pages, teach Penelope a cool trick, etc.), and some have chances next-to-none of actually happening. I chose each placement on the Bingo board with a “random number generator” online to make it extra fair (and ideally more difficult), and I painted the board happy and colorful because, I mean, of course I would hehe.

In case it’s hard to read what’s written on the actual board, here’s everything:

Granted, the weight of everything going on in the world at the moment greatly diminished my enthusiasm to start this challenge at first, but as my health is still struggling from taking a big hit a month and a half ago, I figured my birthday month Bingo would be the perfect thing to bring my body back to some kind of balance and could be just what the doctor ordered 🙂 Originally I planned on only giving myself until the 22nd to get Bingo since that’s my actual birthday, but seeing that I started this a couple weeks late I’m now giving myself until the end of the month ^_^

So let’s do this!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

[Read what I accomplished here😊]

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