A (Cheesy But Full Of Love) Father’s Day Poem

You brought me toilet paper when there wasn’t any at the stores
You designed me a kitchen made for someone who is short

You teach me every day how to forgive those who don’t deserve it
You’ve helped improve my sleep by giving me a Fitbit

Your life revolves around providing for all your kids
But somehow you never made us feel like a burden

I’ve never seen an example of childlike faith
Quite like the example I see in you every day

You bought me batman duct tape when I was 22 years old
And I still can’t bear to use the last piece on the roll

You’re the king of dad jokes and goofy puns
And I love how most of my life you mispronounced “onion”

I love how you taught us to fall on the floor when we laugh
And that only you can beat me in a true sneeze attack

You taught me how to ride a bike and taught me how to pray
Without you I wouldn’t be the me I am today

Happy Father’s day! You’re pretty stinkin’ rad
I’m so incredibly thankful that you are my dad


~Cassia Dee

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