The Happiest Day!

November 8th was the happiest day!

I missed blogging last month because I almost ended up hospitalized again due to severe sleep deprivation (long story short, some of the stuff I wrote about in my other post started happening again, and it was so loud at all hours of the night that I hardly slept for a month straight), so when November began I was EXHAUSTED and in much need of a reset.

Well, Walker decided to surprise me by taking us to Tahoe for a night! Now that things with our neighboring apartment had gotten better again, Walker hoped that the change of scenery would help reset my brain in the whole sleeping department. If not, it would at least be a welcome break from the stress we had been under, and that would be a huge gift.

Well, it was above and beyond the blessing that I imagined it would be! Not only did Walker get us a dog-friendly hotel so that we could take Penelope along with us (which was the best thing ever), BUT IT ALSO SNOWED!!!! It might even have been the first snow, and geewilikers was it beyond beautiful. I’ve only touched snow I think 4 times in my entire life, so watching snow fall as we drove to Tahoe literally made me feel like I had been transported into a fairy tale world!

It was a super short trip, but it was everything I needed and then more. Walker bought Indian food for dinner (I’m pretty sure Indian food is my favorite food of all time), Penelope played in the snow and LOVED it, and I colored, read and drank lots of tea. It was seriously the happiest and most perfect day ever.

Unfortunately Walker had much less of a theraputic trip than I did due to being nervous about wrecking his car in the snow, as well as having to figure out snow chains for the first time, but he was the sweetest and didn’t let that put a damper on the mood of the day in any way. The next time we take a trip somewhere with an unassuming 8% chance of snow, though, we’re definitely going to rent a car with four wheel drive so that Walker can enjoy that day away as much as I did this time 🙂

And as far as the whole resetting-my-brain-in-the-whole-sleeping-department thing went, I ended up falling asleep at 11pm the night we got back and slept in later the next morning than I EVER have in my entire life! So, hehe, I think you could say that was definitely a success as well ^_^

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee


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