Protection, Provision & So Much Peace

December has been a little bit crazy, but boy has God been faithful!

The first thing that happened was that Walker got super sick after unknowingly being exposed to someone with the coronavirus. After the person he most likely got sick from tested positive, it was assumed by the health expert at Walker’s work that he had the virus as well.

As someone with multiple chronic illnesses, it was scary at times knowing I was stuck in a studio apartment with someone who was most likely exposing me nonstop to covid. But anytime I started to worry, I caught myself and made a point to just stop and pray. I knew that one of the worst things for our immune systems is stress and worry, and I knew that God could easily supernaturally protect me from harm even though I was in the top percentage of people in the most danger from a sickness like the coronavirus, so by God’s grace and strength and faithfulness I was carried in peace as the days slowly ticked by. I prayed a lot for Walker and his family (and sometimes for myself as well!), drank lots of echinacea and elderberry teas, took lots of Cold-Eeze, took care of Walker as best as I could, and God seriously protected me.

The person who had covid first was Walker’s brother, and as that first week slowly went by we soon got word that the 2 other adults in his brother’s household also ended up testing positive. Finally, a week-and-a-half into our 2 week quarantine, the only person left to catch the virus who was directly exposed (assuming that Walker did, indeed have it) was me.

It has now been 3 1/2 weeks since Walker got sick and 1 1/2 weeks since Walker got completely better and was allowed to go back to work, and as far as I know I did not end up catching the coronavirus. The only sign that I might’ve been sick was that I was in a ton of pain, but I was also having an endometriosis flare up at the time, and all-over body pain during those flare ups is very common for me. So honestly, I don’t know if I even got sick at all and I am in awe of my heavenly father for giving me the wonderful, loving gift of seemingly supernatural protection.

Walker’s family is all better now, which is a huge praise! Nobody ended up in the hospital, thank God, and their recoveries seem to be complete. So that is a huge praise of God’s protection as well ❤

And now for the second crazy thing that happened this month…Walker just got laid off for the second time this year.

This happened at the start of the first lockdown/quarantine as well, but the difference is that this time his boss is also leaving the company for a more stable job elsewhere. So we’re currently in a season of major shift over here and seeking God’s direction for moving forward, but I’ll write more about that another time. What I want to say today is simply that between Walker’s bigger-than-usual paychecks these last couple months, and my garden producing WAY more produce this year than I ever thought possible, God has really been providing for us. And he has been giving us so much peace, even amidst all this change and unknown. And because I’m Cassia and I like turning everything into a challenge or game, you can bet I’m going to use this season and turn it into something fun as well 😉

In the meantime, however, I would love prayer that God would protect my health now that I’m losing health insurance again, and that God will give us wisdom and guidance moving forward.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long update and for any and all prayers given on our behalf! I would love to pray for you as well, so please always feel free to leave prayer requests below if there is anything you would like prayer for ❤

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee


  1. Thanks for the update, Cassia. 🙂

    And, thank you, Lord, for your protection and constant provision. You are wonderful! Please continue to protect Cassia’s health. We praise you for your faithfulness! You’re so good to us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


    1. Yes I am 🙂 But not as much as I’d like to because I’ve been really busy taking care of my health. I’ve actually been getting more into it this week, though! (& is this the Trent I met when I was still going to CBC, or a different Trent?)


      1. Glad to hear it 🙂 I recently had a dry spell this year in creating new things. I couldn’t find a link to a page that shows any of your works. And yes this is the Trent from CBC. I’m surprised you remember me.


        1. Walker and I saw some of your art at the fair in 2018 and they were AMAZING! I hoped we’d run into you eventually so I could tell you how much we loved seeing everything that you made there, so I’m really glad you happened to stop by my blog and leave a comment! Do you have a page that shares any of your work? I’d love a link if you do!

          And yeah, I used to share my art on Instagram but I finally deleted my account over there. I’m hoping to post more original art and coloring pages on here in the future though 🙂


          1. I remember walker messaging me on Facebook telling me that you two saw the pieces I had at the fair.
            Thank you for the compliment😊.
            It’s fun painting abstract things. I use to draw other works before I started dabbing into painting.
            I also “had” a Instagram with all my art. I could post new stuff on Facebook. I usually list any new work for sale on my eBay @english_art.
            Or just look out for any posts on facebook.
            Can’t wait to see your new works of art 😊


          2. Oh, nice! I’m glad he reached out to you ^_^
            I don’t have any social media anymore, but Walker still has Facebook so I’ll have to remember to go on there every now and then to see your new paintings, because I’d love to see them 🙂


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