The Nerd Is Back

I’m a little obsessed with science. I used to be a lot obsessed with science until not being able to read for 5-6 years (migraines) put a damper on that. But now that I can read again? Well, let’s just say the science nerd in me has been slowly coming back full swing!

I tutored chemistry at my community college before I got too sick to continue working and I loved it. It became my all time favorite job almost as soon as I did it for the first time and remains my favorite job to this day. My long term goal is definitely to re-learn chemistry enough to tutor it again one day, maybe with high school students this time, but my short term goal has just been to have fun with all the science books that I already have at home. Currently that means books by Theodore Gray or any book about gardening!

Apart from that, I have one more nerdy, science related dream: to learn botany. I’m sure some of you have figured this out already but I LOVE plants. I love pretty much everything about them. I love growing them, hanging out with them, drawing them, harvesting them, coloring pictures of them, talking to them (it works!), talking about them (sorry, not sorry), cooking with them, and learning everything I can about how they grow, how they are identified, and all that good stuff. Originally I planned on accomplishing this particular goal by taking a future botany class at one of my local community colleges, but that dream was crushed when I found that no such classes were available at any schools nearby. So I did the next best thing…I bought the cheapest used botany college textbook that I could find on Amazon instead! YAY!

So yes, the nerd is back. Back and unashamed and with the potential to be better (or worse? hehe) than ever before 😉

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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