My Favorite Photo From Last Year’s Garden πŸ˜Š

Over the last couple weeks I’ve slowly been getting my garden going over here (I already have some sprouts coming in, too!), so in honor of the beginning of this year’s gardening season here is my favorite picture from last year’s garden…

Basically it’s Jack and the giant beanstalk, sunflower edition!

I only grew one sunflower last year, but as you can see it got huge. And yes, I know that I’m an especially tiny person and would probably call any sunflower huge, but this one was seriously huge. I’m pretty sure it was 9 feet tall at its peak height, and I’m also pretty sure you can tell by my face in that picture how very excited that made me πŸ˜›

Well, eventually the sunflower bloomed, and when it did it blessed my life with lots and lots of happy, little sunflowers. I’m not sure who loved that sunflower more, me or the bees, but it sure was a sweet and wonderful and happy little time.


Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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