Backyard Living Adventures!

Walker, Penny, and I have been living in our backyard for about three weeks now…yup, you read that right. At first we lived in a tent for nearly two weeks (not recommended), and now we’re living in a shed (minus toilet and shower usage). It definitely has been an adventure!

Why are we living in a backyard when we have a perfectly good studio inside, you might ask? Well, super long story short, we’ve been going through a pretty nightmarish tenant experience over the last 14 months, and unfortunately that whole situation culminated with a tremendous mold problem that got so bad that our home became uninhabitable. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

SO yes, we are living in a shed, and yes, I definitely am making the most of it. Being able to see things as an adventure to creatively overcome rather than an obstacle that I’m stuck in has been my tried and true secret to a happier, more contented life since forever, so unless that stops working for me I’m just going to keep sticking with it! Why fix what isn’t broke, you know?

Because of this, I’ll be posting more often than my usual 22nd (and sometimes 6th) of the month schedule, just to document little moments of this backyard living adventure that I’m on. These posts will probably mostly be art journal pages, or garden, goaties or Penelope photos, or other small and random things.

I expect I’ll also post updates about mold remediation and construction plans as they unfold, but as staying lighthearted and positive is one of the most important things right now, I don’t know if I’ll be writing about the whole nightmare-situation side of things…just because we’ve been treated so badly and illegally that I honestly don’t know if I even want to. I will say that we have recently become aware of the laws protecting tenants, though, and this is making a tremendous difference.

Well, that’s all for today! I’ll be back on the 22nd (and perhaps even sooner) with more ๐Ÿ’›

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

(P.S. Prayers are greatly appreciated. Please also share your prayer requests in the comments if there’s anything you’d like me to pray for, because I’d love to pray for you too!)

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