Mold Remediation Has Begun!

After months of living with mold and over a month of living in our backyard, mold remediation has begun!!! At first Walker, Penny and I checked into a motel but it ended up being waay too sketch to keep staying there, so a couple days ago Walker found an amazing deal at a wonderful hotel and we’ll be here until next Tuesday. Yay!

So far mold remediation in our kitchen has been completed but the rebuild hasn’t started yet. Cleaning from the thick layer of mold spores on every one of our belongings in the rest of the studio also hasn’t begun yet, but it will when construction in the rest of our house is finished. What construction? Well, our landlord has finally agreed to fix some major slumlord-living-situations that we’ve been dealing with for a long time. We are SO thankful.

There’s a lot that has to happen. Mold remediation, then construction work, then our studio has to be professionally cleaned from all the construction dust and surface level mold spores on our belongings. After that Walker and I will have to paint the entire place to cover up all the many patches of new drywall and stuff, and since at that point we’ll have access to our bathroom again, we’ll move back into the shed while we’re getting that done.

AND THEN I will finally be able to start putting my home back together! It’ll be a month or two of unpacking all of our belongings from boxes, putting everything back where it belongs, and then putting the backyard back to normal after many weeks of it being its own little homeless encampment of camping supplies and tarp rain protection and all that good stuff haha.

After that though, God willing, we will finally be living in a fully furnished, fully functioning home again. Before this whole mold ordeal started back in January, we lived with nearly a year of barely any water pressure and six months of severe blackouts before our landlord got anything fixed, so I can’t even tell you how incredibly wonderful the “fully functioning” aspect of that statement truly is.

My prayer is that we’ll be completely unpacked and uncluttered and settled into our studio and a much more peaceful way of life by the end of June, and I would love prayer that God might bless our efforts and the efforts of every worker involved in that way ❤

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to stop by and read this update, I really appreciate it!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee


  1. Cass!! I’ve been missing you! I been so busy with my new baby and whol lot of other stuff that I’ve forgotten you disappeared off of social media, and I miss You! And then I remembered your blessed blog! I’m so happy to hear everything is good right now. I’m sorry about the mold issues. But it sounds like so much fun to live in your back yard surrounded by a lush garden. I love you!

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    1. I MISS YOU TOO! It was so nice catching up some the other day. We definitely have to do that more often ❤ I blog at least once a month though, so this is the perfect way to keep in touch with me otherwise 🙂 I love you dearly!


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