My Happy Place Just Got Happier

My garden is my happy place. It’s also one of my most favorite places in the world, but last year I found myself with a slight dilemma…serious gardening meant I ruined a lot of clothes with muddy gardening stains. Ruining clothes is an issue not only because I hate to be wasteful, but also because it’s really difficult to find clothes that actually fit me (tiny person problems), so halfway through last year I started brainstorming the best fix for this problem.

At first I designated one of my two pairs of jeans as my backyard jeans. I had already stained them, so that made sense. And that worked well enough, but I found pretty quickly on that gardening in fitted jeans is not comfortable.

So next I started gardening in shorts, but I was beating up my knees pretty badly doing that since I spent a large percentage of my gardening time on said knees.

Next I tried gardening in dresses and I found that this method was perfect for me! The only problem was that I had just one dress that I didn’t mind sacrificing to the garden, which wasn’t enough for daily gardening.

So I decided on two things that would be the solution to all my gardening attire problems: I could buy overalls that I could just put on over whatever I happen to be wearing when it’s cooler out, and I could buy some kind of coverall dress thing to put over whatever I’m wearing when it’s warmer out! That way I’d have something for any weather, I’d always be comfortable, and my knees and the rest of my clothing would always be protected underneath. It was a win-win!

I searched for the perfect items for months, but everything durable that I found in my size was just so expensive. And even though I knew in the long run it’d be worth it because I could literally re-wear them for a decade or longer before having to replace them, it still hurt to spend all that money.

And then I stumbled across an online consignment shop and thrift store that I had heard about years before, but had totally forgotten existed: ThredUP!

I was looking for things in linen or cotton, and I was able to find two PERFECT gardening-attire items for way less than the price of just ONE of the items that I had been looking at elsewhere.

Meet ‘The Free Spirit’…

…and ‘The Monk’!

And in case you are wondering…I really do look like a tiny monk when I wear that shirtdress 😆

So did I really just write a post this long about nothing more than a new gardening wardrobe? Yes. And I had so much more fun doing so than makes any sense hehe 💛

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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