We Moved!

So there has been an unexpected change over here…we have officially moved!

Unfortunately, that really illegal landlord nightmare that I wrote about before became so dangerous that we weren’t safe to remain in our previous home any longer, so we moved out. We’re actually still in the process of moving so I can’t write too much today, but we are mostly moved into our new place and have been sleeping here for a while and goodness do we love it so much!

I admit, I’m still amazed at how wonderfully God provided for us throughout this crazy ordeal, and I’ll probably remain amazed for a long, long time. Not only is our new landlord great, but we live in a super safe neighborhood that I absolutely love, our landlord waived his no-pet policy for Penelope, and we live in the biggest space we’ve lived in so far, with an extra bedroom and everything! AND our upstairs neighbor is super considerate of us and of the legal curfew, so I’ve been able to sleep every single night. It has been incredible!

The only downside to this move is that, yes, we have to leave our beautiful backyard paradise behind. Surprisingly this hasn’t been as hard for me as you might think, though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely really sad about needing to rehome my beloved goaties, and saying goodbye to all my plants has been sad too, but those moments of sadness cannot begin to compare with the relief and peace that surrounds and fills me every day now that I’m out of such a toxic and illegal environment. Safety comes first after all, and it’s amazing how little I find myself needing or even wanting now that I’m actually in a safe place.

And besides, I know there will be other pieces of earth for me to love and transform one day. After all, our old backyard wasn’t anything special in itself…it was actually incredibly run down when we first moved in. But it became the sanctuary and happy place that it was because we poured so much love and life into it over time, and guess what?? We get to carry that love and life with us everywhere that we go!

So I’m not losing anything, really. This isn’t a goodbye from gardens or shepherding…it’s simply a “we’ll meet again soon”. And crazy as this may sound coming from me, I’m actually really excited to not have a garden for a time and to see what I’ll do with this season of my life as a result. I’m excited to heal more fully, discover more beauty, grow in faith, try new things, drink more tea, read more books, spend more time with Walker and with my closest friends, and more!

There’s just so much life still before me…and now that I’m truly safe for the first time in over a year I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am to live it ๐Ÿ’›

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee


  1. Keep that attitude as you delve into the new explorations awaiting you. Hold God high and remember He said to put Him first and all else will be given to you.


    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Oneta โค I've been thinking about that verse a lot lately and it has been bringing me so much peace!


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