22 Goals For 2022!!


It is here, the happiest, healthiest, most productive, and all around best year of my entire life so far!! Hehe. And in honor of such a special year, I have some goals that I’m extra excited about…

My Main Goals:

-Cross lots of things off my Bucket List
-Do something creative (nearly) every day

I’m still really excited about my other goals, though! I can definitely say that I’ve never had this much fun choosing new year’s goals before 😊

Here are the rest of them…

Creative Goals:

  • Art journal every month
  • Draw through “How to Draw Inky Wonderlands” by Johanna Basford
  • Color 6 pages in “Botanicum” by Maria Trolle (a coloring book that I actually plan on completing!)
  • Complete the majority of my coloring book work-in-progress pages

Learning Goals:

  • Identify every tree on my street (bonus: on my block)
  • Learn to identify major plant families using this book
  • Cook 51 new recipes (experimenting with creating my own recipes also counts!)
  • Learn to bake sourdough bread
  • Take 6 Great Courses/online classes, or read educational books

Writing Goals:

Reading Goals:

  • Read 22 books from my own library
  • Read a fairy tales compilation book
  • Read 22 Bible books
  • Log every book read

Spiritual Goals:

  • Grow in love
  • Grow in true discipleship to Jesus

Other Goals:

  • Buy less books (and things in general but mostly I just buy books so…)
  • Heal incredibly much from mold poisoning
  • Explore Humbolt County, California
What about you? Do you have any new year’s goals or resolutions to share?

Goal setting is such a balancing act for me. I need them to be challenging enough to grow my skills or to grow me as a person, but I also want to consistently accomplish them. So they can’t be too far from where I already am that they don’t actually serve me in the ways goals are meant to, but they also can’t be too difficult that I find myself giving up on them.

I’m still figuring out this balance for myself, but after my success in accomplishing the majority of last year’s goals, even despite the trials and craziness Walker and I were going through the entire time, I predict very good things this year!

Happy two thousand and TWENTY-TWO everyone! 😘

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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