22 Goals for 2022!!


It is here, the happiest, healthiest, most productive, and all around best year of my entire life so far!! Hehe. And in honor of such a special year, I have some goals that I’m extra excited about…

My Main Goals:

-Cross lots of things off my Bucket List
-Do something creative (nearly) every day

I’m still really excited about my other goals, though! I can definitely say that I’ve never had this much fun choosing new year’s goals before 😊

Here are the rest of them…

Creative Goals:

Learning Goals:

  • Identify a plant family using this book
  • Cook 51 new recipes (experimenting with creating my own recipes also counts!)
  • Learn to bake sourdough bread
  • Take 6 Great Courses/online classes, or read educational books

Reading Goals:

  • Read 22 books from my own library
  • Read a fairy tales compilation book
  • Read 22 Bible books
  • Log every book read

Spiritual Goals:

  • Grow in love
  • Grow in true discipleship to Jesus

Other Goals:

  • Buy less books (and things in general but mostly I just buy books so…)
  • Journal through 22 questions in this book
  • Heal incredibly much from mold poisoning
  • Get 22 followers across either of my blogs
  • Explore Humbolt County, California
  • And a couple more personal goals ❤
What about you? Do you have any new year’s goals or resolutions to share?

Happy two thousand and TWENTY-TWO everyone! 😘

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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