Radiant Health

When 2022 began, I was very sick. Mold poisoning left my body wrecked, I was having a rough time finding the right treatment doses and was sick not just from mold but from said treatments as well, and I was dealing with severe symptoms that came along with the neurotoxins side of mold poisoning.

During this time, I did what I do every year…I chose a word for 2022. I love prayerfully choosing a special focus for the upcoming year and asking God to grow me in that way and accomplish that thing in my life. And I love watching to see how answers to that prayer might unfold in the year to come.

So far, my words for each year have always come to me easily. They’ve always been something that pushes me out of my comfort zone and into growth in some way, as well as something that requires a certain measure of faith on my part to even believe possible. I’m always pretty excited about the words I choose as well and can’t wait to write them down, along with a prayer, in my journal.

But this year the process was a little bit different. This year, when I first chose my two words for 2022, I couldn’t get myself to so much as write them down on paper. Not even as a prayer. For some reason, even something as simple as that seemed to require faith that I just didn’t have in that moment. Maybe I should just choose something else…

So I decided to scrap those words and choose new ones instead.

But the more I tried to replace my original words with something new, the more evident it became that I wasn’t supposed to get rid of them. Maybe they were impossible, but maybe what I needed most in 2022 was to believe anew that God could do the impossible. That nothing was impossible with my good and mighty God.

So finally, I put to paper two words that seemed more impossible to me in that moment than almost all others: Radiant Health.

Believing in the possibility of healing beyond my current state of health was easy for me. But believing in the possibility of healing that was obvious enough for other people to clearly see radiating out of me? That felt like a miracle. I mean, mold treatment alone could take 2 years! Never mind the illnesses my body had already been battling before that…

But it was time to again begin believing in the impossible, and I am so happy, so thankful, and so excited to share that in just two short months I have been experiencing more healing than I ever thought possible in so short a time. I even saw my main doctor a few days ago, and she said I am the healthiest she has ever seen me!!! I honestly can hardly believe it.

Of course, being the healthiest my doctor has ever seen me does not mean I am healed from mold entirely, nor does it mean that my body will all of a sudden be fully recovered from the long-term effects of mold poisoning when that healing does take place. Anything is possible, of course, and I now seem to have no problem whatsoever believing that God can do anything hehe, but the expected road ahead of me is not quite that simple.

But that doesn’t mean radiant health hasn’t already begun. In fact, when I saw my other doctor four days ago, she spoke the very words that led me to write this post.

“You’re glowing,” she said with a huge smile. “Your face is radiant.”

The joy that bubbled up in my heart in that moment was so much that I couldn’t help but laugh! Laugh, and praise God. There it was…my first glimpse of radiant health. My first, God willing, of many, many more.

Happy 2-22-2022 everyone! 😉

Love always,
~Cassia Dee


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