your legacy ends here
because i’ll never be the girl
you tried to turn me into

i choose to move forward
to pass on love, not fear
i choose to be me, not you


    1. I’ve actually been practicing inking lately! My eventual goal here on the blog is to draw all of the images that I have attached to every new post…like the images you see on the home page of my blog. And as I’ve been developing my art style, I’ve found that black outlines are something that I really love, so have mostly been working on developing a steadier hand for that. Of course I’m still coloring as well haha, I’m almost done coloring in a 2023 coloring calendar.
      What about you?? What are you up to these days art-wise? I’d love to see what you’ve been working on, if you have any links!


      1. So I don’t have any links. I got rid of Facebook and Instagram. I have done two new pieces. I can email the images to you if you would like to see them 😁.
        I might start another large painting, or do a drawing. I use to do some colorful abstract drawings with Copic markers. Those were really fun to do.


        1. I’m so sorry it’s taken me THIS long to respond to your comment! I was kind of in survival mode for a while there. But I would absolutely love it if you emailed me some images!! Walker and I have been wanting to see more your art for a long time, so that would be awesome! If you want to send me your email in this comment thread, I’ll keep it private so no one else can see it, and then I’ll shoot you an email 🙂


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