An Old ‘Backyard Living’ Illustrated Journal Page…

I know this page from my illustrated journal is soooo old, but I realized I never posted it! And as I just started getting back into art journalling again, I wanted to share this page first…

(From 2021)


March 22 & 23

Tears, ice-cream therapy, and the quickest Trader Joe’s trip ever! It was so empty!
ALSO: Penelope running circles in a field of grass was the cutest thing ever. Even in the most trying times, God gives so many good and perfect gifts.

Backyard living “kitchen” sink: It’s really not so bad when it’s not raining. I really miss having a water temp besides “very cold” though!

I hired someone to turn my “Lady Looms” drawing of Alatheia into sticker printing quality, and they did so good!

My first time using a biodegradable toothbrush and love it! It’s SO SOFT.


Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee

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