I Officially Launched My Online Shop!


I am so stinkin’ excited.


Because I have officially launched my online shop!!!

This means that my Healing My Voice challenge tracker (that also doubles as a mosaic heart coloring page) is now available for everyone who is needing their own healing challenge this year, or for anyone who has some other challenge or goal that needs tracking!

A work-in-progress example of me using my tracker as a mosaic heart coloring page

I’m so proud of this tracker. I had to draw it myself because I couldn’t find another 222-day tracker to buy, and when I saw the finished piece, I knew I needed to hire someone to turn it into a high-quality image that I could sell. I mean, it absolutely was not okay that a 222-Day tracker didn’t exist on Etsy already, so who better to fix that than the Queen of 22?? Hehe.

Launching a shop has been one of my Bucket List items for a long time, and one I never imagined I’d get to cross off in 2022 (even if it was the last few days of it!). I’ve wanted to start an online shop for years, but my health was never in a place where I was able to do so until now, so this announcement is a huge deal for me. The look of my shop is still a work in progress, but I’m too excited to wait until it’s more polished up, I had to share it with the world now!

Plus, I mean come on, the world needs its 222-Day Challenges today, not once I’ve had a chance to get my shop all prettied up 😉

Here are some ways I plan on using my own 222-Day trackers in the future:
– 222 day prayer challenge for someone I love
-222 days of doing something to fill up my joy bucket every day
-222 days of tracking a habit or skill I want to develop
-222 day mood tracker
-222 day reading challenge

What about you? Do you have any challenges you want to embark on this year?? I’d love to hear in the comments below 💛

Happy New Year and here’s to 2023!

With gratitude and love,
~Cassia Dee

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