About My Scrapbook

I’ve added an extension to the blog that I call My Scrapbook, and unlike my blog (which is where I share what’s going on with my health as well as in my heart and thoughts), my Scrapbook is all about the simple, everyday things that make up my life.

The reason I’m doing this is because my body is expected to have quite a long road of healing and recovery ahead, and in the meantime I likely won’t be able to get out of the house much. I’m on semi-quarentine from many especially dangerous environments/circumstances to my struggling body, which means that seeing friends and spending time with people will likely remain a very rare and sporadic occurrence for a long while *sad face*.

BUT because I care very much about the people who love me and don’t want to entirely fall off the face of the planet, and because I want to be involved in their lives and involve them in mine somehow, I decided to create a simple, happy, little corner of the internet dedicated to helping me keep in touch with the people who love me while my body continues to heal and recover from all its illnesses.

And that is what my Scrapbook is all about! There’s more information about my Scrapbook here, and getting to my Scrapbook is seamless…Just click on “My Scrapbook” in the top menu, right next to the “About Me” page!

I’m so looking forward to keeping in touch with you there!

Yours Truly,
~Cassia Dee