Welcome Back To The Blog!

WOOOHOO! My blog is finally public again!!! Welcome back everyone! šŸ˜€ I plannedĀ on getting this back online ages ago, buuut…well, life (*cough* mold *cough*) happensĀ and I unexpectedly ended up not having computer usage for almost 2 months…which I must say definitely put a damper on blog updating. Initially I temporarily took down my blog because … More Welcome Back To The Blog!

All Tox’d Out

“I feel like I’m being poisoned…” I don’t know how many times I made that statement over the last year, but I know I said it a lot. I received many new diagnoses in 2016 and started many new treatments, but something still felt wrong. Really wrong. I felt like I was being poisoned. Like … More All Tox’d Out