Currently Obsessed

A page simply dedicated to the things I’m currently obsessed with, just because I can 😉. Updated often and written with smiles and joy!

A New Dream

I have found a new dream…making my own inks!! This book, “Make Ink” by Jason Logan is beautiful and inspiring. It’s a book I flip through and just run my fingers over the pages because it’s just so lovely. I found it at the library, and ohmygoodness I must buy this in the future! I absolutely cannot wait to merge my love of chemistry, plants, colors, and art supplies into one hobby someday! To have a little chemistry ink-making corner in my kitchen, and to collect cute little bottles to store my inks in, hehe. I want to make inks out of everything, now…onion peels (and other kitchen waste), pennies, fruits, spices and flowers! I can’t wait ^_^

For the hippy in all of us…

I have no idea how these things are vegan, gluten free, and made from peas. They are DELICIOUS! I stumbled upon them at my local Grocery Outlet for an incredibly good price, so I had to give them a try. As soon as we opened them in the car and tasted them, Walker immediately went back into the store and bought us four more bags! If you find these at a store near you, I highly recommend giving them a try!

*these are not sponsored or affiliate links, I just love talking about things that make me happy!