Everything I Completed During My 22-Week-Challenge

Hey guys! Here is a complete list of EVERYTHING I completed during my 22-Week-Challenge! I wasn’t able to write about every single item on this list, but I’ve left links below on all the things I did manage to blog about, for your convenience 🙂 . I had such a blast on this journey, thank you for coming along! ❤

  1. See more 22-Sightings
  2. Bake something all by myself
  3. Believe in myself more
  4. Birth a goat
  5. Blog regularly without fear
  6. Bring a dying plant to life
  7. Buy an awesome journal
  8. Buy new clothes
  9. Change name on my ID finally
  10. Cross-stitch a coaster
  11. Cross-stitch a bookmark
  12. De-clutter home
  13. Do more pointless, silly things
  14. Do something I’m afraid of
  15. Do things I know I’m bad at
  16. Drive up a mountain and see the view
  17. Dye old clothes
  18. Fail more
  19. Feel like me again
  20. Find a board game that Walker actually likes
  21. Finish 10 coloring pages
  22. Finish a journal
  23. Finish organizing the house
  24. Get a dog (& here)
  25. Get a tan
  26. Go camping
  27. Go on a mini hike
  28. Go on vacation with the family
  29. Go stargazing
  30. Go to a county fair
  31. Hit 80lbs
  32. Hopscotch
  33. Juggle (tried and failed)
  34. Jump rope
  35. Laugh more
  36. Lay in the sun
  37. Listen to more audiobooks
  38. Make a fairy garden
  39. Make my own peach ice cream (sort of cheated)
  40. Make iced tea
  41. Make stickers
  42. Make tea from garden herbs
  43. Mini golf
  44. More visits with true friends
  45. Organize laundry room
  46. Overcome lots of trauma
  47. Own my very own goat
  48. Paint Jenga game
  49. Paint rocks
  50. Plant herb garden
  51. Plant vegetable or flower garden
  52. Play leapfrog
  53. Play “Plants vs. Zombies”
  54. Press more flowers
  55. Produce from my garden
  56. Read a fun book
  57. Read Isaiah
  58. Read the New Testament
  59. Repot plants
  60. Repot plants without them dying
  61. Say “should” less
  62. Sing more
  63. Take a nap in a hammock
  64. Take a nap on the beach
  65. Talk more
  66. Try new teas
  67. Visit a garden
  68. Visit Walker’s work
  69. Watch a movie and eat Fruit Loops instead of popcorn
  70. Wear more colors
  71. Wear more yellow
  72. Write a poem
  73. Yahtzee tournament

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