My Bucket List

  1. Read every single book in my library, including audiobooks
    (starting a book and decided it’s not for me also counts)
  2. Visit a castle
  3. Touch a dolphin
  4. Grow 90% of all the vegetables that I eat in a year at least once
  5. Write a book
  6. Publish a book
  7. Make and sell my own coloring pages
  8. Blog through the entire Bible
  9. Visit a Native American tribe and learn more about that aspect of my heritage
  10. Color every page in a coloring book
  11. Complete an art journal
  12. Keep a scrapbook calendar for almost every year of my life
  13. Meet JJ Heller
  14. Find a secret door that leads to a secret place
  15. Learn how to cook amazing vegetarian meals without recipes
  16. Learn to play ukulele
  17. Turn a popular song into a lullaby
  18. Learn the art of oral storytelling and use that skill regularly
  19. Meet a dolphin in the wild
  20. Hit 90lbs (bonus: and maintain it)
  21. Be healthy enough to go on hikes again
  22. Learn botany
  23. Have my jaw healthy enough to learn to sing again
  24. Grow an organic gardening ecosystem in my own backyard
  25. Build a treehouse or tiny castle
  26. Become friends with a bird
  27. Have a butterfly land on me
  28. Find the perfect therapy dog
  29. Turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure
  30. Have goats of my very own
  31. Build a predator-safe chicken coop and get more chickens
  32. Learn how to sew (at least enough to alter clothes to actually fit me)
  33. Reread my childhood favorite books
  34. Reread other past favorite books
  35. Write another song
  36. Learn to bake amazing sourdough bread
  37. Learn/understand basic color theory really well in coloring
  38. Go to New Zealand or Ireland
  39. Go to Japan or Italy
  40. Go to Hawaii
  41. Go to Yosemite
  42. Go to Yellowstone
  43. Go to Powell’s Books
  44. Ride in a hot air balloon
  45. Find a hollow tree
  46. Find a treehouse that I can actually go inside
  47. Drive through a tree tunnel