My Bucket List

Welcome to my bucket list! 😊 To see all my ‘Bucket List Adventures’ blog posts, click here!

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~Cassia Dee

  1. Read every single book in my library, including audiobooks
    (starting a book and deciding it’s not for me also counts)
  2. Visit a castle
  3. Ride in a hot air balloon
  4. Find a hollow tree (January 2021)
  5. Touch a dolphin
  6. Write a book
  7. Find an AMAZING pie shop (January 2021)
  8. Build a treehouse
  9. Find/visit a legit cave (July 2021)
  10. Have a butterfly land on me
  11. Explore a treehouse
  12. Drive through a tree tunnel
  13. Find the perfect therapy dog (June 2019)
  14. Turn one man’s trash into another man’s treasure
  15. Have goats of my very own (August 2019)
  16. Visit a huge waterfall (bonus: find one that I can walk behind)
  17. Meet JJ Heller
  18. Go to Yosemite
  19. Stumble upon a random farm stand and buy fresh fruit (preferably a peach😉)
  20. See the Grand Canyon
  21. Read in a tree
  22. See a firefly in real life
  23. Drive the “Avenue of the Giants” auto tour
  24. Produce fruit from a tree of my very own (bonus: grow the tree from a seed)
  25. Buy some land
  26. Draw and sell at least one coloring page
  27. Blog through the entire Bible
  28. Color every page in a coloring book
  29. Complete an art journal
  30. Learn how to cook amazing vegetarian meals without recipes
  31. Learn to play the ukulele
  32. Write a song on the ukulele
  33. Turn a song into a lullaby
  34. Learn the art of oral storytelling
  35. Be healthy enough to go on hikes again
  36. Learn botany
  37. Grow 90% of all the vegetables that I eat in a year at least once
  38. Have my jaw healthy enough to learn to sing again
  39. Build a predator-safe chicken coop (and get more chickens!)
  40. Learn how to alter my own clothes
  41. Reread my childhood favorite books
  42. Learn to bake amazing sourdough bread
  43. Go to Hawaii
  44. Go to Yellowstone
  45. Go to Powell’s Books
  46. Learn to properly press flowers
  47. Build an organic gardening ecosystem in my own backyard
  48. Keep my own bees
  49. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  50. Sell my own stickers
  51. Learn the basics of astronomy
  52. Journal through “Know Yourself: A Book of Questions” by Irene Smit & Astrid van der Hulst
  53. Get a t-shirt made of my own design
  54. Meet a dolphin in the wild
  55. Publish a book
  56. Find a secret door that leads to a secret place
  57. Build a tiny castle
  58. Become friends with a bird
  59. Find a four-leaf clover
  60. Visit a Native American tribe and learn more about that aspect of my heritage
  61. Go to New Zealand or Ireland
  62. Go to Japan or Italy
  63. Ride in a helicopter
  64. Complete an entire coloring calendar
  65. Get that haircut I’ve always wanted
  66. Launch my dream online shop
  67. Plant a lemon tree (bonus: or a mini orchard)
  68. Get my Italian dual-citizenship
  69. Win the lottery
  70. Learn 22 different ways to play Solitaire
  71. Make my own teas (July 2021) Bonus: give them as gifts
  72. Take a painting class
  73. Learn to make ravioli from scratch
  74. Perfect a yeast-free pizza crust
  75. Go rock climbing
  76. Color the 22nd page in every coloring book