Page-A-Day Coloring Calendar

Documenting my 2017 Johanna Basford coloring calendar adventure!

Because of the very large number of pages in this coloring calendar (300+ pages sure adds up quickly!), I won’t be sharing every single finished page. It’d just be overwhelming! But what I will be doing is sharing my top favorites here. And if you feel like seeing a few more of my completed pages, I’ll also be sharing 12 other posts throughout the year –one after the finish of every month– with a bunch of my other favorites, and I’ll link those blog posts below as they come. ^_^

For mediums used, I think I pretty much found the most affordable option ever! Or at least pretty stinkin’ close. I am using two different brands of colored pencils: Crayola 24-pack for the intricate details ($3, Walmart), and Artist’s Choice 120-pack for everything else ($20 at time of purchase, Amazon). The “Artist’s Choice” pencils can be very hit and miss, so it took me some time to learn how to make them do what I wanted them to do…but for the price, and for new colorists like me who are still experimenting and learning, I think they’re worth it 🙂

I hope you enjoy!

[*** All pictures drawn by the amazingly talented Johanna Basford, and colored in by me ***]






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