The Damage Report

Allrighties everybody, here it is…my long-overdue health update! Or, I guess I should say, here is part one of it. If I would’ve written this post 2 months ago, the list of my new diagnoses would have been much shorter. Buuuut….since then I’ve undergone more medical testing that has revealed over half-a-dozen new diagnoses. O_O As I … More The Damage Report

A Healing Step

Writing used to be a kind of therapy for me. I wrote to survive, almost. It was like a lifeline that connected me to reality amidst all the trauma and abuse and confusion that was my daily life… I used to fill up a journal every 3 months. I needed to process each day’s events … More A Healing Step

All Tox’d Out

“I feel like I’m being poisoned…” I don’t know how many times I made that statement over the last year, but I know I said it a lot. I received many new diagnoses in 2016 and started many new treatments, but something still felt wrong. Really wrong. I felt like I was being poisoned. Like … More All Tox’d Out

When Life Gives You Thorns: Light Meets The Dark

[read part one and part two here] After a lonnng month or so of being too sick to write anything, I’m really thankful to be back on the blog. Especially because today I get to share my favorite part of my story or thorns…the part where the light meets the dark… It didn’t take long until reading the Bible began to change, … More When Life Gives You Thorns: Light Meets The Dark